How to Know if Starting an Online Business is Right For You

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starting an online business

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Have you been thinking about starting an online business but not sure, whether it’s for you?

Do you like the idea of working from home or on a beach, but wonder how you can possibly create that lifestyle?

Or even if you’re capable of being an entrepreneur and creating a profitable online business that will pay the bills.

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to skip the daily commute and create a business that you can run from anywhere in the world?


Starting a business, either online or physical is not for everyone.

It takes a lot of heart and hustle to create success in an online business.

The competition is fierce, and you have to be willing to put in the work and make the necessary sacrifices in order to succeed.

In this post, you’ll discover what an online business is and whether you have what it takes to create a successful online business that replaces your 9-5 income.

Starting an online business

How Determined Are You?

You need to decide upfront how determined you are to succeed at running your own online business.

As a new entrepreneur, there is a deep learning curve.

There is no such thing as overnight success with an online business, so you will need to learn everything from setting up your website, learning to blog, driving traffic to your site, learning social media, building products, marketing funnels, sales funnels etc.

This takes time and dedication to do what is necessary in order to succeed.

So, you must be willing to commit to learning on an on-going basis in order to succeed.

Because it’s not just the new things you have to learn to get started, there will always be a new tactic or strategy to learn that will help your business grow.

So, answer these questions truthfully.

  • Are you willing to put in the hours needed to learn the skills you need, in addition to building your business, working your day job and dealing with your other commitments?
  • What will you need to give up to make room for the time you need to dedicate to building your business?
  • Are you willing to give these things up?

If the answer is “NO” to any of these then starting an online business is not right for you right now.

If it’s “YES” to all of these then continue reading….


What’s Your Why to Starting an Online Business

Next, you have to determine what your motivation is for starting a business. Why do you want to start an online business?

You must get clear on why you’re choosing to build an online business.

There are several reasons to start an online business like;

  • to create more flexibility in your life,
  • to spend more time with a growing family,
  • to be able to empower others with what you do.

Whatever it is it will be personal to you and should keep you going, in the hard times.

Notice I haven’t mentioned money.

Money is never a good reason alone to want to start anything especially an online business. Don’t get me wrong it’s super important.

But think about anything in your life you did just for the money, how long did you stick it out. When it got tough, did “I don’t get paid enough for this” cross your mind? How long after that did you quit?

Instead, make your “why” something that will keep you fighting in even the tough times. That’s what killer motivation does, it gets you past the bad stuff to get you to the great.

ACTION: Figure out Your Why for Starting an Online Business. Write It Down. Stick it on a Wall you see every day.

Do You Have What It Takes To SUCCEED

Oh Boy, Self-doubt can be a killer. Sabotaging your dreams and sending you to the grave with all your potential still locked up inside of you.

So let me say it to you now: YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES.

If you’re still reading this post, I can guarantee you have the determination to succeed and a strong enough why.

If you’re willing to do what others aren’t.

If you don’t have the tech skills, you can LEARN.

If you don’t have the knowledge for the niche you want to go into. You can LEARN.

There are plenty of courses, blogs, resources & YouTube videos out there for you to learn any skill you want and need. (Head over to my resource page if you don’t know where to start.)

ACTION: Grab your notebook and write out what you need to learn and if you’re willing to learn it. Then go learn it.

What Skills & Experiences Do You Have?

This leads nicely into, what assets you’re currently working with.

In other words, what skills do you have right now? What are you knowledgeable about? What are you passionate about, that you could start a business in?

When you’re starting out, just start with what you’ve got.

Don’t worry about what you don’t know, just get started, because you already have all it takes to go out there and build a business with the skills you currently have.

Action: To get clear on what you’re starting with. Grab your notebook and brainstorm all the skills & knowledge you have from jobs, hobbies etc.

Are you surprised by how much you already know?

Even if you haven’t got a lot of skills or knowledge right now, ask yourself are you capable of learning.

Now go Google what you want to learn and see how many places you can learn for free.

What’s Your Support System For Starting an Online Business

Who do you have in your network to help you succeed? It’s OK if you need to build that network, we all have got to start somewhere.

Family and friends are great, but they aren’t going to understand what you’re doing or trying to do. Be prepared for them to outright try to discourage you.

This is why it’s important to go out and find others that are already doing what you’re doing and those who are starting just like you.

There are plenty of places to start building your entrepreneur network. Try Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups and Meetup Groups.

Action: Think about who you have in your network already that can support your dreams of starting your online business.

Then Go out and build your support network. Join Facebook groups and Meetup groups for female entrepreneurs and women in business.

Final Thoughts

To start an online business, you have to have determination, know your why and be ready to either use your current skills and knowledge or learn new skills to build your business quickly.

Right now creating an online business is easier than ever with several different business models available. It’s faster to get started and cheaper to fund.

So, if you want a side hustle that you want to turn full-time or just want to earn some extra cash, you can get started with your online business today, with relatively low barriers to entry.

Just decide what you will sell, create systems to sell them with and launch.

Because if you’ve made it this far, then starting an online business is right for you.

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