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Congrats on completing the Do you have what it takes to start your own business? quiz! 

According to your results, you’re sitting pretty and ready to rock that crown. When it comes to entrepreneurship, you know your Ps, Qs, and everything in between.

You’re not entering into your new business blindly, au contraire. You’ve sorted out nearly everything you need to make your startup a success. But life’s all about the curveballs, and you never know what might get thrown your way… Luckily, I’m here to help!

Queens roll together so let’s make sure you get this entrepreneurial adventure started right!

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Three easy tips to make your startup a smash hit success...

1. Build Your Tribe

Whether you have an idea or not right now, start building your tribe. Having an audience of engaged peeps will help you launch whatever you decide to sell a lot faster, later down the road.

So how do you build your tribe when you don’t know what you want to sell? Think about the people you want to help and start to surround yourself with them.

Pick a content platform: Youtube or Podcast

Pick a social Platform: Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Then start sharing and engaging those peeps.

This will help you to start building your trust, like and know factor and helps establish you as a name in your field, so potential customers or clients feel that they can trust your products or services when the time comes!

2. One Offer

Without an offer you have nothing to sell, if you have nothing to sell then you won’t make any money, if you’re not making money then you don’t have a business.

So creating your first offer is essential. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to give a result. It can be a small result. Like a printable that helps a mom organise her kid’s activities or teaching someone how to use canva.

The key is to just focus on one offer not 3, 5, 10. One core offer that you constantly put in front of your ideal clients.

3. Refine your brand

You’re more likely to buy from a friend than a business, but, luckily, your brand can *and should* be both.

This comes down to a few things… First, make sure your product or service aligns with your message. On top of that, use consistent messaging across all social media platforms and that you know your ideal customer or client like the back of your hand! This’ll let them know that they mean more than you than just another sale.

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Hey, there👋🏾 I’m Lorraine P,

Freedom seeker & Business Coach. The boss behind Step Up Boss Up Society. My mission in life is to empower women to gain financial freedom through entrepreneurship.

I help creative & passionate women build businesses aligned with their zone of genius so they can gain financial independence and make the impact they want to have in this world.

So if you want to build a business that is aligned with your purpose, empowers you to make a massive impact and enables you to gain financial independence, then check out the below course. 

Build Your Strong Business Foundation

Learn How to Start Building Your Online Business...

Even if You Have Zero Business Knowledge …

Or No Business Idea Right Now!


The Online Business Jumpstart

An Online Masterclass That Takes You From Zero Online Business Knowledge to Ready To Start Your Online Business

The perfect guide for women who want to build their online business so they can ditch their 9-5.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Start a profitable online business that is aligned to your personality  (So YOU can work in your Zone of Genius every day)
  • Use a simplified system to build your online business quickly with less confusion & overwhelm
  • Enhance Your business success with 6-figure business systems that will help you start & scale your business quickly
  • Strengthen your business financial knowledge so you can pay yourself from day 1
  • Assemble the right tech for your business so you can stop overthinking what you should use

What’s Inside The Online Business Jumpstart

5 Phases to Starting + Growing Your Business (Value $27)

This masterclass walks you through the 5 phases every entrepreneur has to go through when starting and growing an online business. You’ll discover what tasks are done in each phase so you can easily identify which phase you are in and when to move onto the next.

Zero to 6-Figures Business Systems (Value $27)

This masterclass teaches you the 5 systems you need to set-up in order to start, scale and automate your business, including the tools and processes you need to implement each system.

Creative Entrepreneur Matrix (Value $27)

This tutorial and workbook will help you discover what type of creative entrepreneur you are and give you clear examples of the types of businesses you could start.

S.P.D FACTOR (Value $27)

Discover the 3 types of online businesses you can start and how to decide which is best for you based on the entrepreneur type.

Income Generating Business Models (Value $27)

Learn about the most profitable business models and how to select which ones to use in your business to generate income quickly.

Legalize Your Biz (Value $27)

This tutorial will walk you through what you need to do to ensure your online business is operating legally in your country.

Money Matters (Value $27)

Discover the tools and strategies you should use to ensure you manage your finances correctly from the start of your business.

Profit Building Tech Stack Resource List (Value $17)

This List gives you all the details of all the technology you need to start an online business across all the business types.

The Newbies Guide to Online Business Terminology (Value $17)

This guide will be your online business dictionary for all the new terms you’ll hear along the start of your journey.


Bonus: CEO Mindset Masterclass (Value $97)

Overcome your limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome so you can have the confidence to build your dream business. This masterclass will also help you to uplevel your money mindset, set aligned goals and accountability systems so you can crush your goals. 

Bonus: The Exclusive Step Up Boss Up Business Builders Resource List (Value $27)

This exclusive list will give a list of all the books, tools and resources that are essential to uplevel your mindset and build a profitable business, as well as a list of profitable business ideas.

Bonus: Command Your Time Like a Boss Mini-Course (Value $97)

This mini-course is designed to help you manage your time so you can build your business, work a 9-5 and still have time for your family, friends and self-care.

Bonus: Corporate Escape Plan Guide (Value $27)

Create your plan to say bye to your 9-5 with this corporate escape plan.

Our Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the Online Business Jumpstart, the strategies, or the support after 7 days, I will offer you a full refund.

The Online Business Jumpstart

Total Value: ($508)

Todays Price: $27


You can complete the various sections of the course in bite-size chunks. Videos are 5-15 minutes long. There is homework that will take between 30mins – 1 hour in total.

This course is all about the fundamental business strategies you need to understand to start any type of online business. So yes it’s all applicable. 

This course covers the tech you need to start your online business. Most importantly because I’ve used most of the tech I recommend I will be giving you beginner friendly non-tech savvy options.

We don’t have an exclusive group for this specific product but we do have a group for female entrepreneurs looking to start and grow aligned and profitable online businesses, where I share training and business tips on a daily basis. You can join here.

If it is after the seven-day guarantee, then shoot me an email and we’ll discuss what you expected and how I can help.

This course covers fundamental business strategy that most people miss when they start their online business, so I would say, yes you’ll find value in this course. If you’re not making the money you want in your business or you’re struggling with systems and processes then this will give you the pieces you’ve been missing.

This is perfect for you as by the end of the course you will know what type of entrepreneur you are, the type of business you should start and the business model you should focus on. You also get as a bonus a list of profitable business ideas you can get started with.

If you are part of the beta group, the program becomes available on the 1st July. If you are purchasing after the 1st July all parts of the program including bonuses are available immediately.

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