6 Hacks to Overcome Procrastination and Become a Productivity Queen

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Are you constantly doing things at the last minute?

Do you find yourself rushing to get things done just before your deadline? Do you need to overcome procrastination?

Procrastination is not always a bad thing but it can be super stressful when you’re trying to start a business whilst still working a day job.

You see the key to online success is consistency and the reason why so many, fail is that they lack consistency due to procrastination.

Missing blog post publishing deadlines, launch dates or not getting your affiliate promo plan together in time will all lead to failure.

You have to get organised and kick your procrastination habit to the curb.

Overcoming Procrastination

But how exactly do you overcome procrastination when you want to become your own boss?

A lot of people suffer from procrastination, including me.

Whether it’s putting off doing your presentation slides for a webinar or delaying making an important phone call to just going to do the ironing when you should be writing a chapter in your book.

The first step to overcoming your procrastination problem is to recognise when you are in the habit of procrastinating.

Is it when you have to write a blog post? Or is it when you have to make an important phone call.

What’s the trigger? What types of activities do you keep putting off?

The Cost of Procrastination in Your Business

We all do it, but when you’re running your own business it can be costly.

Procrastination is just a form of resistance that keeps us (you) from greatness.

Think about it, if you do what you need to do when you need to do it, how much would you get done.

Write the blog post, instead of procrastinating on social media. Record the video instead of obsessing over whether your hair is perfect or not.

Everything you get done in your business gets you one step closer to your goals.

So, it’s up to you to decide that you’re going to kick yourself in the butt and kiss goodbye to your procrastinating ways.

It’s totally within your control to change this behaviour, and like everything else, it is about finding the right strategy for you and implementing it into your life.

It’s about creating habits that you don’t think about doing you just do it.

And trust me when I say it is so freeing when you realise it is completely within your control and you can do something about it.

How to Stop Procrastinating & Increase Productivity

For me procrastination can come down to two things, one is, how you feel about doing a certain task and the second is, how you generally handle your time.

You will normally procrastinate on a task that you have a negative feeling towards, putting it off until the last minute. Until you feel the task is too painful to put off any longer, you just don’t do it.

And if you add general poor time management into the mix, the busier your life becomes the more likely it is you will become more and more stressed and less and less productive.

Hacks to Kick Procrastination in the Butt

There are so many strategies out there, that finding the right one for you, can become overwhelming. So, let me give you my strategies for dealing with the Nasty ‘P’ word.

Procrastination Hacks 1: Deal with The Ugly First

Ever heard the saying “eat the frog”. Well, this strategy is golden. Do the thing you’re least looking forward to and once it’s done you feel great.

“if you hate it but have to do it, get it done first.”

That’s right, all the nasty chores and nasty things on your to-do list get them done first thing in the morning. That way you get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve got it done and don’t have to worry about it again and you can get on with the things you enjoy doing.

Procrastination Hacks 2: Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

Use a calendar to organise your day and schedule things in. If you know a task will take longer than 10-15 minutes put it on your calendar.

Simple isn’t it.

Procrastination Hacks 3: Set 3 Priorities a Day

You should start every day by listing the 3 task that is most important to get done today.

These tasks are non-negotiable and must be done by the end of the day. The task should also be action items that will get you closer to your goals and will benefit your business.

Procrastination Hacks 4: Batch Away

I batch as much as possible. So, I create a months’ worth of Instagram content at the same time, I plan 3 months of blog posts and schedule in chunks of time to write the posts.

When you’re putting items on your calendar you can block off chunks of time to batch tasks.

For example, you can block off 2 hours on Monday morning to create promo graphics for your lead magnets and offers. You can then block off 3 hours in the afternoon to write.

So, sit down and brainstorm all the task you have to do in a week and see what you can batch together and batch away.

Procrastination Hacks 5: Create Habits

Create habits around important activities you have to get done in your life and business.

Set a time every day when you write. So in that time you know you’ll write blog posts, sales copy, emails or anything else you need to write for your business.

I like to set specific blocks of time every week for Writing, Creating, Planning, Marketing and Maintenance activities in my business. As well as non-negotiable time for both my business and life.

Non-negotiable time is for important tasks and activities that must get done in your business & life that cannot be moved.

Procrastination Hacks 6: Have Clear Vision + Purpose

Be clear about your vision for your business and life. Know what your purpose is, in your business and life. So, when you get off track, you can refocus and get back to business.

Final Thoughts

These strategies have worked for me, but I keep tweaking it, as I’m discovering new things. And I play around with what works for me and what doesn’t.

They may work for you, they may not, but you won’t know till you give it a go.


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