7 Money-Making Tasks to Focus on When Growing Your Business

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money-making tasks

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It’s easy to be busy, but are you being busy on the right things. If you’re not focusing on money-making tasks every day then you’re not.

Without taking regular productive action every single day to grow your business, you’re unlikely to move forward and grow.

Taking actions on the wrong things will not only demotivate you because you won’t be getting the results you want. It will also slow the growth of your business to zero.

No leads mean no-one filling your sales funnels means no clients and no revenue.

You’ll hear a lot about money-making tasks. But in order to have a successful thriving business, you need to be focusing on activities that will bring income into your business.

So how do you avoid busy for the sake of busy!

Here are five action tasks that will lead to increased income and business growth if you focus on them as a priority.

money-making tasks

Money-Making Tasks

1: Emailing Your Customers

Email is the easiest way to stay in touch with customers and prospects to let them know about your new offerings or to recommend an affiliate product which pays you a commission.

Specific Task;

  • Writing welcome series
  • Writing promo emails
  • Planning your emails for the month
  • Batch writing and scheduling weekly emails

2: Creating Landing Pages

Creating pages for your products and funnels is a valuable and essential task in your business. You’re creating an asset that will help bring money into your business.

Specific Task;

  • Opt-In pages for a freebie
  • Thank you pages for freebies and offers
  • Sales Pages

3: Creating Lead Magnets & Tripwires

Researching and creating free offers for your products and creating tripwire offers for your core products.

Specific Task;

4: Improving Customer Service

You’ll never please everyone but by creating systems that support your customers you’ll be able to respond to those that need help or have an issue.

Customers will contact you with questions or refund requests so be prepared to answer these requests in a timely manner.

Create and stick to your rules about refunds but never disregard or disrespect a customer.

Specific Task;

5: Raising Your Rates

When was your last rate increase? Are your prices competitive with the current market of coaches and consultants of your calibre? Can your ideal client still afford your new rates? Be confident that your expertise is worth that new rate and break the news carefully to your current clients so they don’t jump ship.

Specific Task;

  • Price products based on the value it gives
  • Regularly review and update your prices

6: Repackage Your Offerings

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Simply take your older content – books, programs, blog posts, etc. – and create new bundles or create an entirely new product. The information or products should obviously be related in topic to appeal to most people and be sure to price it accordingly.

7: Create a New Offering for Old Clients

People buy from those they know, like, and trust, so open up that old client list and create an exclusive offer just for them. Make the offer sexy, exclusive, and time-sensitive to get quick action results.

How Do I Know What to Offer?

This is a question many coaches and business owners ask and comes down to knowing your target audience. How do they want their, information presented? What are the hot topics in their industry? What struggles do they have every day? The simplest way to know what they want is to simply ask them.

Another reason coaches and consultants don’t know what to offer is that they don’t have a plan, either for their business or who they want to help. Writing a business plan with action steps is imperative for business growth that’s why I created the business plan template which you can access in my Build Your Business Vault.

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