35 Days to an Irresistible Brand That Attracts Clients Like a Magnet

You have the ability to easily attract clients with a carefully crafted brand strategy.

female entrepreneur building her business

You want your business to be successful. You want to attract clients with ease.

But how do you make it happen, especially when there’s so much noise and so many people fighting for the same opportunities? 

You’re tired & have tried everything…

  • Posting in Facebook Groups but no one is responding to your posts
  • Posting Instagram Reels but getting barely any views.
  • Taking every free webinar on marketing & marketing strategy but nothing seems to work.

You’re not a quitter so you keep trying but WHY is nothing working? Why can’t you keep your leads pipeline full and get a consistent flow of clients?

It’s because you’re missing a foundational piece of the profitable business building puzzle…

90% of Entrepreneurs skip over this step when starting their business.

But skipping this step costs you time and money.

Imagine what it would be like if…

  • You’re Programs and services were booked out months in advance.
  • Your marketing strategy was easy to create and implement
  • You got consistent results from your marketing strategy
  • Everything you did in your business was always on brand and connected with your ideal audience

Imagine Being Able to Achieve This in Just 35 Days

Say Hello to The Irresistible Brand Accelerator

The 5 Week Brand Strategy Group Coaching Program That Will Elevate Your Brand From Bland to Captivating.

Which is why in the Irresistible Brand Accelerator we help you…

  • Discover your brand archetype – In order to stand out, it’s important to discover what archetype can embody your brand best – then shape a clear brand identity around it.
  • Create Brand Impact – Amplify the power of your brand and make it even more visible than ever before through engaging content, a cohesive brand story, consistent messaging, and genuine relationships.
  • Create an impactful brand story – Make sure people understand why they should care about your brand and stay engaged with it!

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  • FIVE-course modules (one per week) These modules are PACKED with video trainings, worksheets, checklists and more. There’s no such thing as passive learning with this course. We’re getting to WORK! And by the end of the program, you’ll have a simple, clear, actionable plan for creating a brand strategy that attracts your ideal clients. ($3000 value)

  • Access to our private Slack group Yep! A Slack group for creating an irresistible brand strategy. But you’ll need the opportunity to connect to others in the same boat as you, ask questions, start conversations, and maybe even VENT! (just a little). The KEY to this journey is having folks by your side. ($1,000 value)  

  • 5 Live Group Coaching Calls In these calls, you’ll have a chance to ask questions, solicit feedback, and dive deeper into your specific challenges. You’ll also get the benefit of meeting and networking with other like-minded individuals and learning from their success as well. ($2,000 value)



YOUR INVESTMENT: $497!!!! (or just TWO payments of $297)

This is for you If you are:

Ready to create client-attracting packages that spotlight your value and practically sell themselves

  • Ready to let go of fear and charge what you’re worth
  • Ready to work with ideal clients YOU love and who love to pay you for the transformational work you do with them
  • Ready to confidently and calmly talk with prospective clients, even about the money part
  • Ready to let go of doubt and claim your worth as a heartfelt and unstoppable woman
  • Ready to get the support + do what it takes to make your business dreams a reality

(Beta Launch Special Pricing) Only 8 Spots Left!

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About Me

CEO and Founder of Step Up Boss Up Society and I help heart-centred, multi-passionate women build businesses around who they are and how they want to show up in the world.

I created this platform to help women like me never have to make the choice between their own mental health and paying the bills.

As a certified Life & Business Coach I specialise in helping women position their expertise and reach their ideal clients.

(Beta Launch Special Pricing) Only 8 Spots Left!

Book Your Business Branding Clarity Call Right Now to See if this program is the right fit for you!