12 Digital Products to Sell Online in 2022

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Do you want to know what digital products to sell online that your tribe will love?

When you’re starting an online business it can be difficult to know what to sell to your tribe.

If you’re starting a service-based business then you probably think “why do I need to think about a digital product? or how will a digital product help my business?” and if you’re starting a digital product business you just want to know which product should you start with or make your core offer.

No matter what camp you’re in, you want to have digital products to sell that fly off the virtual shelf.

There is nothing worse than launching your product to crickets.

What is a Digital Product?

Digital products are products that exist solely in a digital format and include things like software, eBooks, online courses, printables, computer games, and much more. 

They are products you create upfront and can sell over and over again without having to show up to make the sale. So they become passive income assets in your business.

They also offer the best business opportunity for any type of product, so read on to find out what makes them such a great choice for making money online and what you can create. 

Why Sell Digital Products Online

If you’re selling services, then adding a suite of digital products is a no-brainer. You get to create a digital product once and then sell them again and again. They could eventually replace your service-based income and they will make you less reliant on your private service income.

Other essential benefits are:

1: No Overhead

With a digital product, you have no long-term overheads. You might have overheads initially while you’re developing your product but from that point on you will then be able to sell as many copies as you like with no need to pay for materials or anything else. Every sale will be 100% profit which can’t really be said about any other business model. 

2: Passive Income

A digital product is truly passive. Once you have set up an online store and you have people visiting your site, you can make money while you sleep or while you’re on holiday somewhere sunny. 

3: No Stock

With a digital product, you only need digital space to store your files. You require zero physical space for stock and that means you don’t need to rent a warehouse or fill your front room with books. 

4: Little Investment

Just as there are no long-term overheads, there is also very little investment necessary. This means it will take barely any time for you to break even and start generating real profit. In turn, this also means that there’s no risk so you’ll be able to start your business without taking out a huge loan and putting your finances in any danger. 

5: No Delivery

As though all that wasn’t enough, digital products don’t even require delivery. That means you won’t have stock going missing or customers claiming they never received their goods. Digital products are cheaper and faster in every way. 

Best Profitable Digital Products to Sell

So what are the most profitable digital products that sell online now, no matter what niche you’re in?

1: Online Courses

You can take your skills and knowledge and create an online course to sell either on your own website using platforms like Podia and Thinkific. Or you can sell your course on marketplaces like Udemy and Skillshare.

2: eBooks

You can create a selection of books on the subject you’re known for or want to be known for. You could also create low-content books to sell via Amazon.

3: Printable Planners, Wall Art & Invitations

You can create a selection of Printables from wall art to planners that you can sell on platforms like Etsy or your own eCommerce shop.

4: Templates

Businesses are always on the lookout for templates they can use. So these make great, profitable products to sell. From email templates to sales page templates or social media templates. If there is a need in the market then you serve it with templates.

5: Swipe Files

Swipe files are another great problem-solving product that helps your ideal client get results quickly by giving them examples of what works and how to use it in their own business.

6: Membership Site

A great source of recurring income, membership sites can be about anything and can work in any niche. You can create a membership site that offers templates every month, teaches people a specific skill or provides a support system to your clients.

7: Stock Photos or Video

Bloggers and marketers are always looking for photos and videos so there is a demand for both paid and free on the relevant sites. You don’t need to be a pro to get started, you can get started with your phone as long as you have the latest model that has a great quality camera. 

8: Customized Plans: Meal Plans, Exercise Plan, Self-care Plans

Clients will pay for a step-by-step plan that will give them results. So if you can create these types of plans they are a great product to sell.

9: Digital Planners, Workbooks, Guides & Stickers

Digital planners are a great niche to get into. You can create a digital version for any type of planner you can find as a physical or printable planner. You can also create stickers, workbooks, guides and notebooks in a digital format.

10: Graphics & SVG’s

Not everyone who sells crafts online is a skilled artist, so if you have a gift for drawing then consider creating graphics and SVG that others can use in their business. These graphics and SVG can be used by other businesses to create their own product to sell to customers.

11: Audio & Music

More and more businesses need access to music and audio tracks that they can use in commercial projects. So if you have the skills you can create this for them. You can also create things like guided meditations and training audios that you can sell.

12: Spreadsheets

Trackers and dashboards that are made in a spreadsheet format are great for both personal and business use. You can create a personal budget dashboard or an Affiliate income tracker to sell. 

How To Pick a Digital Product to Sell Your Tribe Will Love

You can discover what your tribe is desperate for in a number of ways. The most obvious is from the feedback you get from blog posts and the popularity of your lead magnet.

If you know your niche well, chances are you should have a pretty good idea of what your ideal clients, really need and how much they are willing to pay for it. In other words, you will only create products that you are certain will sell.

If you’re not sure, take the time to survey the people on your email list/s or poll them on Facebook to ask which options they would find most useful. Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Reddit forums and Quora are a goldmine for discovering what your tribe is struggling with.

Let them pick from a range of choices. The answers may surprise you. They will stop you from wasting a lot of time and effort and perhaps money creating products and services that don’t sell.

You should always be asking the question, What is my tribe struggling with and how can I help them solve that problem? That is where your product ideas are.

Selling and Marketing Your Digital Product

When launching that very first product, have a soft launch and then a hard launch. The soft launch should be to those in your inner circle. So think about your mailing list and online groups you belong to.

They can get a first look at it for a substantial discount. Ask upfront for testimonials and give them an easy way to contact you to deliver them, send in reviews, and ask questions.

The product you first create doesn’t have to be perfect, just create the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The feedback you get from the soft launch will help you create an even better product by improving, from the feedback received.

Once you are sure your product is as good as it can be at the correct price point for your niche audience, then you can widen your audience through your hard launch. Offer a free webinar, guest blog, have your JV partners interview you and promote the product, and more.

Whatever choices you make, get started with creating your first MVP now.

Selling Digital Products FAQ

1: Can I sell digital products on Facebook?

Although you can sell physical products on your business Facebook page you can’t see digital products as this goes against their rules. You can lose your page if you are found to be violating this rule.

It’s important you read the terms of service on Facebook as they may let you list a product but it does not mean it is allowed. It sometimes takes them a long time to realize that the products you’ve listed are in fact digital.

2: Can I sell digital products on Instagram?

The same rules as Facebook apply to Instagram as they are both owned by Meta. However, you can use Instagram to market your digital products very successfully.

3: Can I sell digital products on TikTok?

TikTok is a great place to market your products, but you can’t at this moment use their shop feature to sell digital products as it also goes against their rule.

4: Is selling digital products profitable?

Selling digital products is very profitable as the margins on each product are high which is what you want. You can often break even selling 1-2 products with the rest of your sales being pure profits.


Digital products are one of the easiest side-hustles to get started and can make you anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 per month (or more if you’re really good). 

If you’re reading this and are still not sure what exactly qualifies as a digital product, then I encourage you to spend a few minutes going over everything above.

If you’re looking to get started with any of these steps, check out the Build Your Business Vault – where you’ll find templates, worksheets and checklists that will help you get started!

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