Do You Want to Attract High Paying Clients?

You have the power to start attracting your dream clients easily

What You Get Inside

This planner will walk you step-by-step to setting up your business to attract your dream high paying clients as well as helping you to set up your business to serve these clients in a way that delights them that they refer clients to you and they keep coming back for more.

Brand Positioning & Identifying Your Premium Clients

Client Attracting Offers and Value Driven Pricing Plus Much More…

Prospects Become Clients Because They Have a Problem They Want to be Solved.

It’s your job to figure out what the problem is, how to solve it and then communicate this to your prospective client. To attract high paying clients you have to have crystal clear messaging about how you solve their problems then deliver on your promise effortlessly.  

Introducing....Your Guide to Setting Your Business Up to Attract Clients on Autopilot

Your Struggling With ...

Social Media

You keep posting on social media but feel invisible because you have no engagement and it feels like no-one is paying attention to what you have to say.


You're blogging but not seeing the results you want to like your email list growing and getting people on the phone to sell your services.


You're not getting the number of leads you need to make the number of sales you need to make to make a profit. Worse still the lead you do get don't want to pay your prices.

How Would It Feel..

To only need to work with 1-4 clients a month to be able to be profitable. To have clients seeking you out because they know you can help them before even getting on the phone with them. To have a waiting list of clients wanting to work with you.

That’s what having a clear marketing message and offers does for your business.

Why Your Not Currently Getting High Paying Clients...

Your Ideal Client

You lack clarity about who you’re ideal client is or you’re targeting the wrong market with your offers.

Your Messaging

Your marketing message is unclear about who you help and how you help them.

Your Offers

Your offers don’t clearly offer the solution to the problem your target clients have and are willing to pay for.

Your Pricing

You’re pricing your offers too low for the results you offer so are attracting clients who ask for discounts.

The Attract Your Dream Clients Playbook Will Help You Overcome Each of These Mistakes.

Stop undercharging and undervaluing what you offer.