Empowering Women to Become Their Own Bosses

Learn how to start your own business, be a boss and make a living doing what you love.

I felt overwhelmed with the amount of work that needed to be done and felt unsure where to focus. She helped me gain clarity with a clear plan outlined to move forward. Now I feel that I have a plan of action that won't leave me feeling burnt out!
Stephanie N
UPLEVEL with Steph

Starting an online business can be overwhelming and scary. You're not alone.

Starting and running a successful business often feels like it requires time, money, resources, and skills that right now you don’t feel you have!

You want to create a business that:
🔥Supports Your Family
🔥Supports Your Lifestyle
🔥Increases Your Freedom
🔥Boost Your Impact on The WORLD

But how do you start?

As a woman, you already feel like you’re juggling a million things, not to mention the feeling of imposter syndrome that kicks in whenever you try to take action!

You need help.

women entrepreneurs supporting each other

Get The Support You Need

The Online Business Training Hub For Women Who Want to Create Impactful Creative Business + Embrace Their Freedom.

We provide the training, resources, tools, and support needed for you to take that first step in your business journey.

Step Up Boss Up Society

Free Resources

Get your journey started with us for free. From Checklist, Guides and Courses we have something for you no matter what stage of your journey you are on!

The Academy

Access the training you need to achieve your business goals. Courses start at $9 and many come with 30-day action plans so you can take action and implement them no matter how busy you are, so there’s no excuse to get started.

online business startup toolkit
female entrepreneur building her business

Business Founders Lab

Are you just getting started and need to know the exact steps to set up your business and start to make sales then you need The Lab!

Get access to all the courses, planners, and guides, plus our community when you join our membership community.

With its’ simple 3-phase system to getting started quickly.

The Tribe

Take your membership up a notch when you join the tribe to get access to 1:1 Voxer Coaching Support plus office hours as well as all the perks of the Founders Lab.

female entrepreneurs empowering eachother
I was feeling very lost and not having any sense of direction of how to grow my business. I walked away knowing that marketing myself doesn't have to be scary. It's been a great decision because now I feel like I have some direction and a much better plan of action than what I had been doing. (Because what I was doing was not working the way I wanted it to.)
Lisa C
Elle Sea Enterprises

Our Mission

Our mission at Step Up Boss Up Society is to empower and support women to start online service-based and digital product-based businesses so they can achieve financial and creative freedom. 

We believe that every woman has the potential to be a boss, and we’re here to help them make it happen. 

With our step-by-step guides, resources, and community support, we’ll help you take your business from dream to reality.

Meet The Founder

Hi I’m Lorraine P.

A Freedom Seeker,  Digital Business Growth Consultant, Certified Business & Master Mindset Life Coach.

The Boss behind the brand.

I’m passionate about helping women gain financial freedom through entrepreneurship.

I created this platform so no women would have to choose between their mental health and earning a living.

“We believe that the world needs more female entrepreneurs, so we’re helping women take action and start businesses they are proud of.

To build the life you deserve, turn your passions into profits by starting your online business today!

Step UP for a future you never imagined!

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